Thursday, March 13, 2014

Popcorn, gibberish and nonsense

So, it's late. It's spring break. I'm not tired and I'm going to regret this in a few hours. Like, I didn't even nap today! But I'll be napping tomorrow! It's been 2014 for three months or so now, so I thought it was time for a blog. It also had been lent for a week now. While we are on random facts, yesterday (Thursday) was the anniversary of the Pope's election and national Popcorn Lover's day! So for lent this year, I'm trying something different. First, I have deleted the Facebook app from my phone. I am trying not to use facebook at all on my phone, but that's not working that great, especially with travel. Otherwise, only my iPad or a computer do I log into my facebook account. I'll be the first to admit that I've  saw that it has been nice to not be overwhelmed by it. I mean, not to sound philosophical but, it has become stressful to be "around" so many people with out actually connecting with those people. I'm working on my connections this lent: with me, God, family, friends, whomever else!!! So in an extension of this resolution, I'm writing letters to one of the 40 people I have on my list everyday and praying for them. It's neat to write to the people on my list, some I have grown disconnected with, while others I see all the time or at least on a regular basis. I've also subscribed to two random lists: #40acts of generosity and what to give up for lent 2014. The 40 acts is fun, lots of random acts of generosity. For example, earlier this week I sent a care package to a friend I thought could use a bit of cheering up. So first, if you're reading this, I probably need your address! I'm also "attempting" to add more daily mass into my week so that mass is just about me and my visit with God, not the people that I will see there! Hoping to carry some of these over to year round activities. I really like doing nice random things for people, all the time, anytime. I need to start doing more random acts of kindness all the time.  
Well, I think I should go to sleep now. I keep typing gibberish. Not sure I can stay awake any longer. Thanks for reading!!! More to come at a date that isn't too late  
until next time! 

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  1. Your blogs make my heart happy :) thank you for always sharing!