Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Springtime Hobbies

So, I naturally have more work that I could be doing and my very comfortable bed is just patiently waiting for me in the other room. However, it is a very rare moment that I get inspired to write a blog while I'm actually sitting at my computer. So I here I am, sitting in my new "office space" in the front of my little house in Alabama. Earlier this evening, I was listening to the airplanes flying around not too far from here. Right now I'm enjoying the aftermath of an unexpected storm, well, it was unexpected to me because I don't watch TV, aka the weather report. The air is very refreshing and just smells fabulous! Rain might be my favorite natural scent; there's your fun fact of the day. Tomorrow is Thursday, which is my long day thanks to Drama Club and Bowling. In other words, never fear- this won't be too long! :) This week has been very interesting for me- well, really the last few months. But we will stick with this week! So for those of you who have just joined us on our program, I'll give you a little recap of some things. First, I still remember the day that I volunteered to be in charge of PSIA at Holy Cross Catholic Academy in great detail! I also remember the day that I "volunteered" to be in charge of TAPPS Academic in even greater detail! These two events have played important roles in quite a few peoples lives I think. Oh, PSIA stands for Private Schools Interscholastic Association, it is the organization in Texas that coordinates Elementary and Middle School Academic and Art events for private schools, and TAPPS stands for Texas Association for Private and Parochial Schools, the organization that does all kinds of things for the high schools, sports, academics, music...etc. Over the next five years, I would take close to 25 trips with students to Lubbock, Fort Worth Area, Austin and Waco area, with last year's Waco trip extending from Sunday to Saturday! There are many moments from those trips that I remember better than any of my other times in the classroom. That first year, I took over TAPPS at the last minute and barely got signed up for things the week before District. We ended up having five boys qualify for Academics and Speech and came in like 11th place in the state or something. Yesterday, the school left with a Championship Trophy for OVERALL Champion and Overall Speech Champion. The coolest part about the growth that happened over the years was about a lot more than studying for a test or something. Honestly, looking back on it, I realize how much I grew over those years. Who knew I could motivate so many kids into missing school to drive 7 hours in a car to take a test, give a speech or draw a picture. Or coordinate all the madness of the trips, hotel reservations, meals, supplies, registrations and fees, managing students away from home. My trip planning skills and car convoy driving skills are pretty on point right now. I even coordinated 3 District Tournaments in that time!! I had a former parent send me a message that said "I wish you could be here to see the seeds you've planted" and while a part of me does too, honestly, I feel even greater success as an educator knowing that the success continued in my absence. Does part of me wish that I had been in that crazy room waiting with the kids all day to find out their results or walking them to their tests to wish them luck ONE LAST TIME? Or drive around the parking lot a few extra times because Ed Sheeran is playing and we have to sing along to this song one more time today? ABSOLUTELY! But I feel just as much joy and pride in this week's win from 700 miles away as I would from 10 feet. It is an odd feeling! A feeling that I think I've only really started to discover as I continue on this new path of life! Alright, well the second round of rain is here now, so I guess that's my cue. I better get to sleep so that I can stay awake while bowling tomorrow night! :) Until next time!!