Friday, November 29, 2013

Oh what a time

Happy Post-Thanksgiving and/or Black Friday!! Hope you all got to enjoy sometime with your loved ones! I decided to do something different this thanksgiving! As most of you know, I've recently decided to try to become a runner! Originally I was going to run  a 5K this thanksgiving with my brother, but unfortunately he injured himself last week playing basketball and has a torn ACL. So it would happen that I would run this thing by myself. I was very nervous. I'd really only ran two this fall and only taken 30 seconds off my time in over two months. Of course, one of those months I was injured. So last week boot camp started again and the week before I found a running app that coached me and changed the music to my pace. I also purchased some new ear plugs. My other ones would not stay in my ears. I found some IronMan plugs that were guaranteed to not fall out. I also posted on fb welcoming anyone to send encouraging texts during the race. The night before, I was sore from bootcamp and decided to do my yoga DVD that I bought this summer. This summer, I would do yoga at night and fall asleep during the meditation. I had to set an alarm so I didn't wake up on my floor at 1 am. But I knew it would be good to stretch. The yoga was just as fabulous as I remember (I hadn't done it since camp ended...) however, I'm not sure if I was stressed about the race or if I'm just stressed more in general this time of year, but I did not do a good job of meditating. In fact, I watched the end of the video and completed a part of the DVD I didn't even know existed. The stress may be a combination of both, but I've decided to make myself do the DVD more often.
Morning of the race, I set my alarm for like 6:45, with a race time of 9:00. I woke up at 5:45....I got up ate some breakfast, drank some water. Tried to relax a bit. Decided to get there early cause I didn't really know where I was going. I sat in there car and stayed warm for a long time but then decided to get out and warm up a bit. There were tons of people! My app has a race day option so I moved it to that day, it was a few weeks away, and uploaded my new playlist to the app. When we moved to the starting line, I could sense I was too close to the front. Right as we started I got the first of many texts from my cousin Kim. Of course I received several pre race texts from my friends Monica, Kristi, and Adam. The app helped me stick with my 1 min walk, 1 min run ratio, although in the first mile, I did more walking than running. I think that's why I did so well. My friend David once told me that the beat thing I could do was not push too hard at the beginning, save it for the end. I think I did that this time. I received many texts during the race from my brother, mother and many more from my cousin Kim! I also received texts from coworkers/friends Janet, Mary and Jennifer. A little more than halfway through, my app had a malfunction. It somehow started running two programs at the same time. The last half a mile or so I had to turn it off and go back to my playlist. But I was astonished at the time, I had a feeling that I was going to improve my time but was not sure by how much. The finish line was in between this parking lot. So I decided I would run when I got to the lot. Well, that was taking too long so I started running before. The worst part of the finish line was that all the early finishers were trying to leave while I was trying to finish. There were a bunch of people at the finish line and a few standing in front of the clock. In fact, I couldn't see it until I was almost there. When I saw that it said 43: something, I ran just a bit harder. My goal since September was too finish under 45!! Somehow the clock said 43!! I knew no one at the finish line but people were cheering for everyone. I got a good job from a complete stranger. When I crossed both lines and made it around the fence, I truly had to fight back tears. Over a year ago, I had barely walked a 5K in under an hour.  Now somehow, I had made it under 43!! I had to sit in my car for a while before I could drive home. I was shaking from the race and the emotions and the cold. I sent messages to everyone who had encouraged me. I also started thinking of what I could do to take three minutes of my next one! I'm excited to find out how much time I've taken off my bootcamp mile since August. My first mile took me 14 min and 48 seconds. I just feel so much better than I did a year ago!! I can't even remember how I felt when I was living in midland, which was probably when I was living life the unhealthiest. I'm so proud of what I've done. I can't wait to set a new goal for myself so I can reach it. You know how much I love competing, if only I had realized sooner how awesome it was to compete with yourself!! 
I ate some of my dad's new apple pie yesterday with no regret. And had a few celebratory cocktails throughout the day! Haha! 
I had to write this blog for me, firstly. For the times when I have a bad workout. Or start to wonder if I should workout or not. 
I also had to post this as a thank you to all of you wonderful people reading this!!! I'm glad to hear so many of you say you would run the next one with me! (Or have a drink waiting for me at the finish line!!) Honestly,  if I can become a runner, anyone can. 
Oh and Betsy, if you're reading this, be patient. I've conquered completion of 3.1 miles, but I need some time and better outdoor weather to be prepared for 13.1 miles, but I'm working on it....I promise. I just need to get a better time and longer runs in. We may need to find a 5K/half marathon somewhere...
Thanks everyone!! Now stop reading and go workout!!! :) 
But wait!! This song said exactly how I felt yesterday after my race, so I'm sharing with all of you! Go make a promise to yourself and make sure you keep it!! :)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

You'll be ok

So last week I made a list of 15 things for which I am grateful! This week, I'm continuing my list, however I think this theme may lean more towards random than thankful. 

16. One of my most profound musical experiences happened when I was about 14, when I discovered that musicians did not actually write the songs they sing. It was a terribly disturbing moment for me and to this day if a singer/band actually write their own music, my respect for them increases exponentially. 

17. I have a secret fascination with hosting my own television show. When I watch movies, I always pick out clips I would show for actors if they were guests on my show. I've never told a single person that. Ever. 

18. I enjoy watching random YouTube videos but I don't always share them with people because things that I find humorous are not the same as others. And I don't want people to ruin my fun! 

19. I really hate that I'm a messy person.  And I don't hate cleaning as much as I say I do. I feel like I would have truly benefited from a class titled "bedroom organization and other household cleaning tips." 

20. I spent many of my childhood years pretending to like things that other people liked. However, as an adult I think I actually like those things. 

21. I love teaching myself how to do things. In fact, if I'm on the verge of figuring things out and you tell me what to do or what the answer is, I will probably be very unhappy with you. It is also why I don't like knowing the endings to movies. 

22. I have many different names from my many years of life, Lizzy, Teddy, and I usually don't care what you call me. However, I do not like being called Liz. Never have. Yes, I know that many of you will take advantage of this confession to call me Liz, but you'll get tired of it....

23. I don't really like getting attached to pets. We had many pets that met their end at our house that I just decided not to try anymore. I'm also mildly afraid of animals...big or actual reason for it. I just am.

24. I have very hot feet. Most of you know this, but it is one reason that I wear sandals a lot. Having my feet trapped in a hot shoe wrapped in a sock all day is semi-torturous. It is also the reason that the first thing I do when I get home is take off my shoes. 

25. I am fascinated with running into celebrities in places that you don't expect, such as airports, train stations and walking down the sidewalk. 

26. I have not outgrown my fear of the dark. I'm not sure if I ever will. I'm sure it is associated with a fear of the unknown. 

27. I really have a hard time choosing favorites of anything, color, music, movie, people. I have tendencies depending in what day it is...but no all time favorites. 

28. I LOVE volunteering. But not because it is a good thing to do, well, maybe a little. It is mostly cause I like to keep busy and I'm a control freak. 

29. I have an amazing memory. If I tell you that I don't remember something, it might be a lie. Every year for the last four years, I've had the entire school schedule memorized. I have a very awesome visual memory but a terrible auditory memory. If you try to tell me directions or steps, I'll inly remember the first three or the last three. 

30. I don't really know anything about fashion. In fact, when I get compliments on my clothes or outfits, I really am really truly shocked. I just wear what I think looks nice. 

So that took me a bit longer than I thought it would. I rambled a bit on this once, but I made no promise of doing otherwise. Thanks for reading! Happy thanksgiving!!! 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Running against the Wind

So, if you know me, you know that I like to do things my way. I've done the "November Gratitude Challenge" before, although many days I forgot and I don't like doing things half way. I've also participated in the many games on Facebook, too many times, honestly. So, I'm playing this one my way. I'm going to make a list of random things. However, this list will have a theme: GRATITUDE. As I'm beginning, my goal is to write 30, but we shall see if that happens. So here goes nothing, I'll try not to ramble....

  1. I'm very grateful for the time that I got to spend with my grandmother, but sometimes I'm so envious of people who still have their grandparents late into their life. I also sometimes miss Nanny so much, but I can't even remember why. 
  2. I love that I have a close family. We are all quirky and dysfunctional, but some how we've managed to make it this far! 
  3. I love that there's this big plan out there that I have no control over. Even though it is super scary and I try to control it and screw it up every now and then, I'm somehow exactly where I'm supposed to be!
  4. I'm so thankful for Math! I know that's super nerdy, but I love that too!! Math is predictable and exciting and difficult. In a world where I have no control, I like that there's something like Math out there. 
  5. I'm so glad that I'm a math teacher. I always looked forward to math class, regardless of the teacher. But I know lots of kids don't feel that way, so even if they don't love math like I do, they at least don't dread going to class.
  6. I have had the BEST coworkers pretty much my whole working life! I'm nervous that one day I'll work some place with super boring people, but I'm also sure I would hate that job and therefore wouldn't stay working there very long.
  7. I wholeheartedly believe in the concept of a best friend. I'm so grateful that I have multiple. What's even better is that I can't compare them with each other. All of my friends make such Awesome additions to my life that I can't even describe it. 
  8. If I could pick any one moment in my life that has changed it the most, it would be the birth of Robert Wayne Pace on February 22, 1997 at 7:30 pm. Being his big sister brings me many great joys, along with many frustrations. But I know my life would be VERY different today, and probably not as much fun, if it weren't for this occurrence.
  9. I love the number 8. I put a lot of thought into what the last one would be because of that. It's a math thing, and I could explain to you, if you want....ha
  10. I'm so grateful that some decided that laughter would be a thing! It is a fabulous thing to do. I honestly feel bad for people who don't laugh very often. 
  11. I'm a strong supporter of the United States Postal Service. I love finding other people that share a love for this, or just sending random cards to random people, even if they don't respond...
  12. I'm grateful for the gift of music. My musical pallet is inspired by the great people who've influenced me in many different ways. I also like some tunes with a good beat and songs with wonderful story lines and mixtures of harmony and rhythm! Oh, I love music!!
  13. I love weddings, but not for the reason that most people do, the crazy kids. I love getting together with my friends and have a wonderful time. I love seeing their family interaction. I've been to a lot of weddings for a lot of people. All of them are unique and I'm actually looking forward to the many I have to attend this upcoming year! 
  14. I am super grateful that a little over a year ago, things aligned in such a way and I moved in with Elizabeth, my current roommate. She has been one of the major influences in my major health changes this year. I've also gained a great friend which is pretty dang cool.
  15. I love being an aunt. Enough said. No additional comment needed. It is an awesome part of my life. 
I've decided to write this list in two parts. Partly because it is more exhausting than I thought. But also cause it is late and I'm ready for bed....Part two will happen sometime soon.....ish. 
Until next time! :) 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dear you

In my recent trip to adoration, I decided to do something that I had been thinking about quite a bit recently. The result was not bad so I decided to share it with you all. Here is a letter that 29 year old Lizzy has written to 22 year old Lizzy. 

Dear Lizzy from 7 years ago, 
Well, Hello, Self! I wish you would have thought a few things thru. So, here's a few things that I think you don't understand or appreciate.
First, You are now an "Educated Adult!" You just got an amazing Education, one that many people will not have the opportunity to attempt. Enjoy that and be proud of that fact. No matter how many people come to your graduation ceremony/party, nothing will EVER change your experience you've just earned. 
Second, you have the ability to move wherever you want to move and teach wherever you want to teach. Put some thought into it. Just because something is offered to you, it doesn't mean you have to accept. Putting your plans in the way of opportunity takes away the fun and joy of life! Open yourself up to some new ideas. Put yourself out there! You're going to become a fabulous teacher, if I do say so myself. Make others believe that too!! 
Next, your life can be whatever you want your life to be. Don't let some preconceived notion of how you thought life was "supposed to be" stop you from enjoying what it actually is. You're single, fun, and as I said before an "educated adult." ACT LIKE IT! You're going to want to act like one of the saddest people in town- and honestly, it will be for no good reason. Get out there! Live the life you have and stop waiting for the life you want. Waiting for it is NOT how you get it!
Also, this may come as a shock but you know nothing about health and nutrition! Your so called health class was a joke in high school! You've gotten by until now because you had a teenagers metabolism. And, working on your feet and playing Basketball and softball with your college friends helped keep you active. Good job taking those fitness classes (karate, bowling, softball) in college, it helped. But now you're less active, you should play a sport wherever you move! You could MEET PEOPLE!! But seriously- watch what you eat!!!! 
Last, but probably most importantly, and this one might take a while!! The idea that people should "accept you and love you exactly as you are" is not meant to be used as an excuse!!! You will use it as an excuse to get fatter and stay that way. PEOPLE WILL LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT!! But that's not the most important thing. The question is do you love yourself. How do you know? Well, many people say, "actions speak louder than words!" Are you showing love for yourself the same way you would expect someone else would? Are you ensuring for yourself a long healthy life? Are you ensuring that you have the capability to live life in its highest capacity? Cause if the answer is no, then you don't Truly love yourself. And it's IMPOSSIBLE to love others the "correct" way it you don't love her. 
So GET OUT THERE! Enjoy life! Get off the d@mn couch! Appreciate the gift you've been given known as life. Take care of your life and love it as much as you would want anyone to love something you gave away. One day, you'll say yes to these questions and wish that you had been saying yes for a lot longer! 
Future Lizzy 

I had to share, not only for past, future and present "Me," but also cause I felt like maybe I wasn't just writing it for me. Not that I was directing that to anyone in particular, honest. Just had to get it out there. Happy November! 
Thanks for reading...
Until next time!