Wednesday, November 20, 2013

You'll be ok

So last week I made a list of 15 things for which I am grateful! This week, I'm continuing my list, however I think this theme may lean more towards random than thankful. 

16. One of my most profound musical experiences happened when I was about 14, when I discovered that musicians did not actually write the songs they sing. It was a terribly disturbing moment for me and to this day if a singer/band actually write their own music, my respect for them increases exponentially. 

17. I have a secret fascination with hosting my own television show. When I watch movies, I always pick out clips I would show for actors if they were guests on my show. I've never told a single person that. Ever. 

18. I enjoy watching random YouTube videos but I don't always share them with people because things that I find humorous are not the same as others. And I don't want people to ruin my fun! 

19. I really hate that I'm a messy person.  And I don't hate cleaning as much as I say I do. I feel like I would have truly benefited from a class titled "bedroom organization and other household cleaning tips." 

20. I spent many of my childhood years pretending to like things that other people liked. However, as an adult I think I actually like those things. 

21. I love teaching myself how to do things. In fact, if I'm on the verge of figuring things out and you tell me what to do or what the answer is, I will probably be very unhappy with you. It is also why I don't like knowing the endings to movies. 

22. I have many different names from my many years of life, Lizzy, Teddy, and I usually don't care what you call me. However, I do not like being called Liz. Never have. Yes, I know that many of you will take advantage of this confession to call me Liz, but you'll get tired of it....

23. I don't really like getting attached to pets. We had many pets that met their end at our house that I just decided not to try anymore. I'm also mildly afraid of animals...big or actual reason for it. I just am.

24. I have very hot feet. Most of you know this, but it is one reason that I wear sandals a lot. Having my feet trapped in a hot shoe wrapped in a sock all day is semi-torturous. It is also the reason that the first thing I do when I get home is take off my shoes. 

25. I am fascinated with running into celebrities in places that you don't expect, such as airports, train stations and walking down the sidewalk. 

26. I have not outgrown my fear of the dark. I'm not sure if I ever will. I'm sure it is associated with a fear of the unknown. 

27. I really have a hard time choosing favorites of anything, color, music, movie, people. I have tendencies depending in what day it is...but no all time favorites. 

28. I LOVE volunteering. But not because it is a good thing to do, well, maybe a little. It is mostly cause I like to keep busy and I'm a control freak. 

29. I have an amazing memory. If I tell you that I don't remember something, it might be a lie. Every year for the last four years, I've had the entire school schedule memorized. I have a very awesome visual memory but a terrible auditory memory. If you try to tell me directions or steps, I'll inly remember the first three or the last three. 

30. I don't really know anything about fashion. In fact, when I get compliments on my clothes or outfits, I really am really truly shocked. I just wear what I think looks nice. 

So that took me a bit longer than I thought it would. I rambled a bit on this once, but I made no promise of doing otherwise. Thanks for reading! Happy thanksgiving!!! 

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