Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dear you

In my recent trip to adoration, I decided to do something that I had been thinking about quite a bit recently. The result was not bad so I decided to share it with you all. Here is a letter that 29 year old Lizzy has written to 22 year old Lizzy. 

Dear Lizzy from 7 years ago, 
Well, Hello, Self! I wish you would have thought a few things thru. So, here's a few things that I think you don't understand or appreciate.
First, You are now an "Educated Adult!" You just got an amazing Education, one that many people will not have the opportunity to attempt. Enjoy that and be proud of that fact. No matter how many people come to your graduation ceremony/party, nothing will EVER change your experience you've just earned. 
Second, you have the ability to move wherever you want to move and teach wherever you want to teach. Put some thought into it. Just because something is offered to you, it doesn't mean you have to accept. Putting your plans in the way of opportunity takes away the fun and joy of life! Open yourself up to some new ideas. Put yourself out there! You're going to become a fabulous teacher, if I do say so myself. Make others believe that too!! 
Next, your life can be whatever you want your life to be. Don't let some preconceived notion of how you thought life was "supposed to be" stop you from enjoying what it actually is. You're single, fun, and as I said before an "educated adult." ACT LIKE IT! You're going to want to act like one of the saddest people in town- and honestly, it will be for no good reason. Get out there! Live the life you have and stop waiting for the life you want. Waiting for it is NOT how you get it!
Also, this may come as a shock but you know nothing about health and nutrition! Your so called health class was a joke in high school! You've gotten by until now because you had a teenagers metabolism. And, working on your feet and playing Basketball and softball with your college friends helped keep you active. Good job taking those fitness classes (karate, bowling, softball) in college, it helped. But now you're less active, you should play a sport wherever you move! You could MEET PEOPLE!! But seriously- watch what you eat!!!! 
Last, but probably most importantly, and this one might take a while!! The idea that people should "accept you and love you exactly as you are" is not meant to be used as an excuse!!! You will use it as an excuse to get fatter and stay that way. PEOPLE WILL LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT!! But that's not the most important thing. The question is do you love yourself. How do you know? Well, many people say, "actions speak louder than words!" Are you showing love for yourself the same way you would expect someone else would? Are you ensuring for yourself a long healthy life? Are you ensuring that you have the capability to live life in its highest capacity? Cause if the answer is no, then you don't Truly love yourself. And it's IMPOSSIBLE to love others the "correct" way it you don't love her. 
So GET OUT THERE! Enjoy life! Get off the d@mn couch! Appreciate the gift you've been given known as life. Take care of your life and love it as much as you would want anyone to love something you gave away. One day, you'll say yes to these questions and wish that you had been saying yes for a lot longer! 
Future Lizzy 

I had to share, not only for past, future and present "Me," but also cause I felt like maybe I wasn't just writing it for me. Not that I was directing that to anyone in particular, honest. Just had to get it out there. Happy November! 
Thanks for reading...
Until next time! 

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