Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 10,595

I think just about everyone has figured out that I'm a math nerd. So I figured it more exactly than last week and today is the 10,595th day that I have been alive! That's pretty cool! So last weeks birthday adventures were so great that I just wanted to get them "down on paper," and say thanks to a few folks. Sunday started with lots of the staff and campers wishing me a happy birthday week, it was hard not to though, really. Haha. Monday was topped with a visit out at camp by my great friend Janet! She brought me snacks for the road trip I would be taking later that week. Tuesday's gift was another dear friend that brought birthday brownies, peanut butter and chocolate! Thanks Poptart! I know the staff enjoyed those as well. 
Now Wednesday is where things really pick up. Wednesday I arrived at Tim and Annette's house at 8 am SHARP, yes we were all a bit shocked, to begin our trek to D/FW! Since Tim has taught next door to me for several years, and has also served as the Math Department Head, he is like a big brother or uncle to me, really. I call him for advice, he's just a fabulous friend/coworker that I'm lucky to have around. He also happens to be a Yankees fan! So Wednesday afternoon, we checked into our hotel and started looking for restaurants for dinner. So I start checking my old email address that is only on my iPad now while we are looking and there was lots of emails claiming "Happy Birthday" in the subject line. One happened to be from Boston's and there happened to be one across the street! So I got a free flatbread for dinner! Note: I have NO CLUE how I got that email, I had never heard of Boston's Pizza until that day. Then the Yankees game!! I am glad we went to two because Wednesday I was so star struck. I mean, I SAW DEREK JETER! He wasn't playing but there he sat!!! Laughing with his teammates! Did I mention our seats were 20 rows behind Yankees Dugout??? So Yankees lost but I really didn't care, just being there was awesome. I got to see Mariano Rivera walk to the dugout too!!! Oh, so I also randomly ran into my cousin and his wife who were also at the game! That was crazy! So Thursday, I wake up to hear my mom sing happy birthday via phone, a tradition my grandmother started many years ago. The hardest part of this is that I can't remember what her voice sounds like anymore. I'm sure we have it somewhere on tape, I just don't remember anymore. I also got texts and facebook posts and calls all day long. Then I face-time chatted with my mom during her last chemo treatment! I am so glad that I was able to surprise her with something since I couldn't be there. It was fun talking to my mom and dad too. Then my sister and the kids showed up at the hotel, they were there on vacation. Brought me a gift, a NY YANKEES JERSEY!! Oh and I got to face-time chat with one of my marvelous friends Betsy in Austin! Then it was off to game number two!! We got there in time to see them warm up, including Derek JETER! The Rangers honored Mo Rivera before the game and the game started with the Yankees ahead. We knew that if the Yankees were ahead by the end, we would get to see Mo pitch! Tim and I looked in the bullpen to see someone warming up, just as he turned you could see the number "42" and we both said "There he is" it was exciting. When he came out, the entire stadium was in their feet cheering for him, Yankees andRangers fans alike! I'm so glad I was able to see him live and in action. I mean he threw 12 pitches, 1 ball and 11 strikes to end the game! It was AWESOME!!! After a short plane delay, I arrived back at camp just in time for the staff to sing Happy Birthday around the campfire! Friday night included Taco Villa, Singing in the Rain and an early bed time! Lol. Saturday included a quick visit with my family and adoration. I went to church and it was nice to see people I knew there, very home-like! Then a few friends came over for some fajitas grilled out and some GREAT times! I haven't really hung out with some of my friends for a really, really long time. So that was GREAT! So now, I'm starting my 30th year of life. That seems ridiculous but just right at the same time! Just have to thanks for everyone for all the memories, not just of this birthday week, but of my 29th year--and the 28 before that! I hope I've brought as much laughter and joy to your life as you have to mine!! 
Finished with 4 minutes to spare of today! :) 

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