Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Shall I get you a box?

I am here at Camp, it's a typical Tuesday evening and Day 3 of a 13 day session. I wish I could capture the walk from the office to my cabin for you. For you to understand the inspiration behind my blog you would need the sights, the smells, the sounds something which is impossible to "share" as we do so many other things these days. But I am going to try and describe it to you, hopefully it will bring back a memory or two that you have tucked away somewhere. 
The moon is almost full but very bright. No manufactured flashlight is needed on weeks such as this one, because you have nature's to guide your way. The moon changes the blackness of the sky to a deep "midnight blue" but it also looks like it could be early morning. There's rain somewhere in the distance but the only evidence I have is the soft smell that has to be one of my favorite smells. The sounds include grasshoppers, crickets, rustling of leaves, and every once in a while a voice or two talking in the distance. It could be campers talking as they take one last trip to the bathroom or Counselors letting go of a little late night energy. I almost feel like instead of a stone cabin with AC, I should be walking into a log cabin with a fireplace. There's something very timeless about my walk this evening. I have probably taken a walk similar to this before. There were probably many before me who have taken walks like this and I'm certain, as well as hopeful, that there will be others after me that will take this walk. 

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