Friday, January 1, 2016

Little T

Seven years of blogging and five of those years have had a New Years blog. So even though one of the biggest things I've learned this year is that things can change and the world will still move, that doesn't mean they have to. :) 2015 was a BIG YEAR for me. Started grad school, quit my job, got a new job, moved to Alabama, started a new grad school, lost a beautiful friend, gained new coworkers and friends, joined a book club and a bowling league, went to my first music festival and my first Blue Angels Show and I've spent more time in my car than I care to count. In past years, I've counted and totaled miles I've traveled in the previous year, but considering I'm starting this year with a long drive, that'll have to happen another day. I'm very grateful for all of you reading this post. I was thinking earlier about some things and the past 2-3 years, I spent so much time reflecting and wondering and dreaming. I think I filled three journals and spent every Saturday in adoration with most of my time feeling like something wasn't right. I loved my job, I mostly loved my family (just kidding) and I had fabulous friends. Saying something was missing isn't the right phrase, it didn't feel that way. It was almost like when you have to force a puzzle piece in and you're not really sure if it actually fits or you just made it fit. Don't read anything else into that cause it just popped in my head and I think it's right. Like maybe, I'm the puzzle with a piece out of place. Before I say this next part, please know Amarilloans, that I love and miss you all dearly. No matter where live takes me, Amarillo will always be my hometown and you will always be family. I'm incredibly happy in this new path. I know with great certainty that this is the path for me, even with all the fears and changes that I thought would hold me back. As a teenager, I used to wonder how famous people moved and traveled away from their family. I know that's a random thing to wonder about, but I did. Now I'm not saying I'm famous, but I get it. When you're doing something you love, you can do anything, no matter the place or people. Now, in a year or two, I could read this and just want to tell myself that's not true, I've just gotten really lucky in Alabama. But for now, even if it is just luck, it's good enough ending for 2015. Now it's time for a NEW YEAR! I love making resolutions! 
My New Years resolution is to write and send more snail mail. I'm not assigning a number to that because then I'll just be discouraged and quit by February. But I have two pages of Charlie Brown Christmas stamps, tons of stationery and a little extra time. Now all I need is your address. So kindly send those to me, I'm even thinking of buying an actual address book. I'm also going to start running again. Last year saw very little running for me and I think I miss it. Luckily Alabama winters won't make it difficult to start now. I found this challenge to run/walk 2,016 miles in 2016. It's 40 or so miles a week, unless you have a partner or a team. So if anyone wants to join me, or try to complete the same challenge, let me know. We can motivate each other! 
I really want to find a song to finish off this blog, but I can't choose one. Maybe you all should share a song with me. 
May your 2016 be filled with laughter, happiness, fellowship and whatever else you would like to see!! 

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